Oak Note Theatre, a Scottish Charity, uses workshops and musical stories to encourage young people to recognise themselves as positive influences on their communities and their environment.

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Sniff and Floot Make Some New Friends

A new digital talking book, first commissioned by nursery schools in the Knightwood Learning Community as a follow-up to the positive friendship musical story, 'Sniff and Floot'.    


'Sniff and Floot' visited Glasgow nursery schools thanks to 'Sense Over Sectarianism'.  


'Sniff and Floot' Make Some New Friends' started with musical ideas workshops at Cloverbank, Pikeman, Rowena and Thirlstane nursery schools in Glasgow.  



These were followed by illustration workshops with an artist who had turned their ideas into exciting drawings to colour in.  


After the story was written around the characters created by the children, their voices were recorded for the talking book.


 A photographer then collated and photoshopped the illustrations and finally, a video was created and the children's voices were mixed in with an actor's voice to create the final narration.  Have a look!