Oak Note Theatre, a Scottish Charity, uses workshops and musical stories to encourage young people to recognise themselves as positive influences on their communities and their environment.

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Sniff and Floot

Sniff and Floot', a Positive Friendship Show

for Nursery and P1-P2 - sponsored by 'Sense Over Sectarianism'.


Age Range: Nursery, Primary 1-2  Curriculum for Excellence Areas: Responsible Citizens, Effective Contributors, Successful Learners, Global Citizenship, Expressive Arts


Sniff is a parrot. He's different. He is brightly coloured and has a loud squawk, rather than a whistle like all of the other birds he's met. Sniff has never had a friend but he loves to read storybooks, and they keep him company. 


Floot is a cockatoo. She's different. She is shy, she can't talk like other birds she's met. Instead, she sings - and what a beautiful voice she has! She too has never had a friend. She hums and whistles her tunes and they keep her company. 


Mhairi is the little girl that brings them together…and what a team they make. Storytime will never be the same again! 


The musical story centres around the topic of celebrating our differences rather than allowing them to divide us. Using music animation, illustration, and participatory songs, we captured the imaginations of the group, allowing them to follow the journey of two very different characters and their realisations that their differences make them a stronger team. Our post-show education pack reiterates their learning.