Current Projects

Responding To The Needs In Our Communities

Window Concerts In Response to Covid-19

Window Concerts will connect professional actors, musicians and poets with our senior citizens during Covid-19 lockdown and beyond.  We are currently applying for funds for a window concert series to cover our network in Glasgow, Perth and Edinburgh, after a successful one-off pilot at one of our care homes.  We hope to start at the end of 2020.  Watch this space.

Our aim is to lessen the loneliness that is being felt by our elders who are not able to leave their care homes, and who can not receive visitors.

Some of those in our care have dementia, and it is frightening for them - they're being looked after by people in blue plastic, and they don't know what is going on.  Being able to have a window concert - everyone there watching from their windows, brightens the day, breaks up the monotony, and the chat between the songs, the banter, the's good!   Cherry Oak Care Home

Are Ye Dancin'?

"Are Ye Dancing'?" was an intergenerational project focused on the dance hall era in Scotland that introduced primary school pupils to local senior citizens and encouraged them to bond via the sharing of memories and participating in multi-artform workshops, including singing, dance, art and radio plays.  This took place in 2018/2019 and was generously funded by Heritage Lottery.

Part oral history endeavour and part community partnership initiative - we aimed to empower both generations and facilitate a real relationship between these two communities that challenged preconceptions the two groups may have had about eachother. This fundamental experience built confidence and curiosity in our young people, and combated the loneliness and isolation felt by many of our senior partners. 

Liesbeth Tip, Clincial Psychologist, discusses the external evaluation done by her and her colleague from The University of Edinburgh here.

Radioplay recording.jpeg

have a listen...

Listen to the radio plays, written and recorded, foley and all, by the junior citizens in "Are Ye Dancin'?" on Oak Note's YouTube Channel.

All based on the interviews they did with their senior citizens in their communities.

With thanks to Hamish at SoundSound Recording Studio.