Oak Note Theatre, a Scottish Charity, uses workshops and musical stories to encourage young people to recognise themselves as positive influences on their communities and their environment.

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Henry, the Litter Worm

Henry the Litter Worm', an Eco-Show for Nursery and P1-P2 - encouraging young eco-warriors to pick up their litter and to look after the environment


Age Range: Nursery, Primary 1-2  


Curriculum for Excellence Areas: Responsible Citizens, Effective Contributors, Successful Learners, Global Citizenship, Expressive Arts


Searching for a new story to tell, Mhairi and Miss Critch are devastated to find their attic strewn with sweetie wrappers and fizzy juice cans…and worst of all, the big shelf of storybooks, so lovingly looked after, have been munched in one corner or another by Henry, a mischievous little bookworm!  Oh no!  


Will the storytellers convince Henry to clean up his act? Will the little bookworm learn how wonderful a storybook can be?  Miss Critch and Mhairi take Henry on a wonderful imaginative adventure, complete with interactive songs, puppets and live music.  As for the little litter worm changing his ways…?  Well, we wouldn't want to give the ending away...


Illustrations by Katie Punter, Story by Natalie Toyne, Musical Arrangements by Alan Penman, Musical Animation by Jenny Stephenson