Oak Note Theatre, a Scottish Charity, uses workshops and musical stories to encourage young people to recognise themselves as positive influences on their communities and their environment.

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We're working on sourcing funding for our new intergenerational project "Child's Play":

Child's Play, an intergenerational project, will see young people collect unheard personal stories of wartime and post-war childhood from community elders, share their own stories, and engage in creative workshops led by industry professionals in film, animation, illustration and scriptwriting, to create a brand new comic strip and Pathé films, using their elder’s oral histories as narration. The young people will be given dementia training, the first in Scotland for this age, designed with Alzheimer Scotland, to build confidence and enable them to better communicate with their seniors.  Their work will be showcased to the public in a comprehensive online platform and in public displays in libraries, museums and theatres, where the children will have an opportunity to present their creative outputs, alongside their senior partners, to the public and invited press.

Have a look at some of our youth steering groups made up of past and future participants in our communities below.  Our young people are involved in the content and development of our projects...